# Overview

Miku.gg is an open source chatbot platform for running your bots. Users can download the source code and run their own chatbots or use the live demo.

Beta demo
Beta demo

# Features

  • Open source: Miku.gg is open-source and free to use. You can download the source code and run your own chatbot.
  • Compatible with any OpenAI-like APIs: Currently, you can use Aphrodite, TextGen WebUI (ooba), and Tabby.
  • Emotion images and TTS: Your bots can display emotion through images and have voice through TTS. It currently supports Azure TTS, NovelAI and ElevenLabs. Emotion analysis is done with local SBERT embeddings.
  • Customizable: You can create your own bots or edit existing ones.
  • Bot directory: You can try out the bot directory with to share, download or try out bots without the need to run it locally.